Get The Most Out Of Your Forklift: Rent It Out

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If you're a business owner with a warehouse or the necessity to move large or heavy loads, you've probably considered purchasing a forklift for your company. In this consideration, it's likely you've weighed the pros and cons that would come with forklift ownership. Concerns about cost, employee licensing, and daily benefit may have kept you from pulling the trigger and buying a forklift, or additional forklifts, for your business. However, there are unseen benefits, alternative uses, and even additional revenue that can come from owning your own forklift; read on to find out how renting out a forklift could greatly benefit your business.

Rent It Out

If you're not positive you would have daily use for a forklift in your business, you're not alone. There are many small businesses that could use a forklift for just a day or two a week, or one week a month. If you purchase a forklift and license an employee to operate it, you can rent it to these other businesses when you don't need it, earning you anywhere from $100-$700 a day, depending on the type of forklift you purchase. In fact, most of these businesses won't have a licensed forklift operator, so you can rent your employee's time, as well, saving you money on payroll each month. Before you purchase your forklift, you can contact local businesses to see if forklift rental would be something they'd be interested in, but think outside the box about businesses that may have use for a forklift.

Businesses To Rent To

Warehouses: Any business with a warehouse, no matter how small, can benefit from a forklift. Though some businesses might not carry heavy items, they may want to move large amounts at once or to move their shelving units on occasion. Large warehouses that already have some forklifts may have busy times of the year where they could use an additional machine and operator, or may just need the machine if one of theirs breaks down. Don't be shy about asking larger businesses if they would be interested in having an additional forklift during their busy seasons.

Construction Companies: Both commercial and residential construction companies will have a use for a forklift on many occasions. Framers can benefit from being able to move around large loads of lumber and hold them up to the second floor or roof when working (drywallers can use them for a similar purpose), or if they have a special project like an extra-wide or tall garage door that needs a heavy steel beam installed in the header. Roofers can use them with especially large jobs to cut time, ultimately cutting costs, by having all their tools and material elevated right next to their work space. 

Powersports Retailers: Powersports retailers often don't have a warehouse, but a yard where machines like quads, snowmobiles, jet skis, side-by-sides, and off-road motorcycles are stored in crates. Because of the different nature of these vehicles, powersports retailers have a busy time at the beginning of each season, loading and unloading things like snowmobiles for winter and jet skis for summer. Because of this, many powersports retailers don't have a constant need for a forklift, but would benefit greatly by renting one occasionally throughout the year. 

Junkyards and Dumps: Junkyards and dumps have many heavy things to move around, but some don't have the funds necessary to own their own equipment. These types of businesses can be some of your best and most consistent customers.

Individuals: Though more rare than a business need, there are times when individuals will have use for a forklift at their home. Perhaps they're remodeling, moving a large load of sod or gardening material from a truck, or are simply moving from one home to another and have especially heavy furniture (moving companies don't often offer the option of a forklift).

If you haven't yet purchased a forklift for your business because of concerns about the cost, look into renting it out to companies around you to offset the cost. You'll have the forklift in your warehouse whenever you need it and can create a nice revenue stream when you don't. If you decide that you'd rather rent a forklift yourself, contact a company like Horizon Equipment Rentals for more information.