Opening Up Your Own Candy Wonderland! 3 Features To Look For In Bulk Candy Bins

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America has a sweet tooth. The average American consumes approximately 765 grams of sugar every 5 days. If you are passionate about and love candy, opening up a candy shop filled with different sweets and treats may be the perfect venture for you, as market demand for sugars continue to rise. Displaying the different types of candies your store offers using see-through bulk candy bins can really draw in a crowd, as it's hard to say no when these sweets are literally right in front of you. When opening up a candy store, you'd be surprised at all of the different types of bulk bins that are available. Here are 3 features you should specifically look for.

Rounded Corners to Prevent Residue Build-Up

It's easy for small candies and treats to get stuck inside the corners of bulk candy bins. Once they get stuck, these candies can disrupt the flow of the candies being dispensed. It's also relatively difficult to clean bulk bins with sharp corners, as you'll have to get into the corners in order to remove any sugars that may be stuck there.

To make your life easier, purchase bulk bins with round corners if you'll be storing candies and other sweets in them. Rounded corners prevent residue and bacterial build-up and are easy to clean. You'll save a lot of time not having to scrub away at the edges and corners. Bulk bins with round corners are also easier to handle and are less likely to cause harm to handlers. Sharp corners can become a safety hazard.

Precision Flow Controls for Precise Amount Dispense

One of the best things about going to a candy store is being able to buy as much candy as you'd like. Your consumers will want to control the amount of sweets that they take home with them. By storing the sweets in bulk bins with precision flow controls, your consumers can dispense precise amounts of candies and sweets.

Bulk bins come with many different built-in valves. For your purpose, you'll want to look for ones with needle valves. Needle valves allow for precise regulation of flow at relatively low flow rates. With needle valves, you won't have to worry that mountains of candies and sweets will come pouring out of the bins. This will eliminate the risk of messes.

Tight Rubber Seals at the Lids for Freshness

Although unwrapped bulk candies will generally last for 3 months or so while wrapped bulk candies last for approximately 12 months, the consistency of the candies will be affected if they are exposed to open air or heat for prolonged periods of time. To keep your goods fresh, look for bulk bins with lids that come with tight rubber seals. These seals will basically make the bulk bins air-tight. This will help preserve the color, appearance, texture and taste of the candies.

In addition, sweets naturally attract a number of different pests as well. Rubber seals will prevent pests from being able to reach the candies stored within the bulk bins. This is particularly important if the bulk bins will be placed in a public environment for prolonged periods of time. You want to make sure that the candies do not attract unwanted pests to your store and contaminate your inventory of sweets.  


When purchasing bulk bins from a supplier like Garland's, Inc. for your candy store, speak to a manufacturer to determine the sizes that may be best for your store. You'll want to put some thought into whether the bulk bins need to have any additional features, as you'll likely be using the bulk bins for a long time to store different types of sweets and treats.