3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Local Dry Cleaning Business

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If there is one type of public service business that you can almost guarantee will always be in high demand, it is the dry cleaning business. From taking care of items that cannot be laundered traditionally to offering to eliminate stubborn stains, there is a lot that the average dry cleaning service has to offer, so if this is the business you are planning to get into, you have picked a good one. However, the key to success in this business is to avoid costly mistakes during startup. Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when you are starting your own local dry cleaning business.

Mistake: Investing in all new equipment and supplies when you really don't have to.

Why? You may assume that you can only offer the best dry cleaning services if you have all new machines and equipment, but this is just not the case. In the beginning, the less money you invest in equipment, the faster it will be that you can actually start to see some return and profit. Plus, there's nothing wrong with buying a refurbished dry cleaning machine, for example,  instead of a brand new one to save yourself quite an amount of cash. Check with a supplier like S&W Equipment for more information.

Mistake: Choosing a business location that is too large for your needs.

Why? It is important to keep the size of the building you lease for your dry cleaning business at the right stature in the beginning. If the building is too large, you will have a lot of unused space that will just cost you more to heat, cool, and maintain in the long run. You will not be needing a huge service floor for customers, but will need a far amount of space in the back for your dry cleaning equipment and other machines.

Mistake: Not obtaining the best level of business insurance coverage.

Why? It may be just clothes and fabrics that you will be handling on a regular basis with your dry cleaning business, but this does not mean you should skimp on insurance coverage to protect yourself. If you inadvertently damage a garment that is highly valuable during a dry cleaning treatment, you could be faced with a very unhappy customer and a major lawsuit if you do not have enough insurance to cover the replacement costs of what was lost. make sure you do pay careful attention to your business insurance selections because of this.