Two Signs That Your Pressure Gauges Need To Be Calibrated

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Although they are small in size, the pressure gauges which are attached to the machinery in any factory or warehouse is ultra important. As your equipment operates, pressure begins to build up in it. The pressure could be in the form of extra heat or gas that is needed to run the device. Because the pressure isn't visible to the naked eye, you can usually only tell that the pressure is reaching a dangerous level by carefully reading the pressure gauge. However, the only way to get an accurate reading on the pressure gauge is for it to be calibrated. The calibration process "tunes" the gauge so that it will render correct information. Here's a couple of the signs that it's time to have your pressure gauges calibrated.

Your Equipment Is Starting To Break Down

All of the equipment that you have is only designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure. If this limit is exceeded, it causes the machinery to start to wear down and deteriorate before its time. You might find that as careful as your workers are when they're operating the equipment, things seem to break down out of the blue. This could point to a pressure gauge that isn't doing its job.

If a gauge that is attached to one of the appliances in your facility isn't fully calibrated it won't let you know that there is too much pressure inside of the machinery. You or your team might be going along thinking that everything is fine. The whole time you're putting extra wear and tear on your equipment because the buildup of pressure is too much for it.

There Has Been An Unforeseen Explosion At Your Facility

If the pressure inside of your equipment gets to be way too much for the device to handle, an explosion can occur. This could be on a small scale, such as when a device seems to burst at the seams, or on an even more dangerous level, such as when an electrical fire occurs. If the gauges were working properly you might have been made aware of the issue before it had a chance to elevate to such a massive point.

Keeping your pressure gauges calibrated is all about protecting the safety of what you have built. Heed these warning signs so you'll know when it's time to call out an industrial contractor, such as from Nationwide Gage Calibration, who can get those gauges calibrated for you.