Caster Wheel Buying Basics

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In many industrial situations, mobility is important for machines, storage racks, and more. The best way to ensure this is with casters installed on the base of the machines or the racks. When you're worried about instability, leveling casters are even more beneficial because they can be adjusted to ensure that things stay level. Here are a few things you need to think about when you are shopping for casters for your equipment.

Total Weight Demand

One of the most important factors in choosing the right casters for your needs is the amount of weight those casters can support. Especially when you're dealing with industrial equipment, you should keep in mind that the casters can only hold a certain amount of weight, even when it's distributed across several of them. 

Think about the total weight of each machine, and also the combined weight of shelves and anything stored on them, before you choose your casters. That way, you can choose casters that are adequately rated to support that weight in full.

Flooring Surface

While most industrial facilities will have concrete flooring, that doesn't guarantee that there will be concrete on every flooring surface that you need casters on. You need to consider each type of flooring cover before you invest in your casters. That way, you can choose the casters that are specifically designed for each flooring type. This ensures that you will get the movement that you need for each piece of equipment or shelving unit.

Environmental Concerns

You also need to think about any environmental concerns that could affect how the casters operate. For example, some casters are affected by the temperature that they are in. If the environment where you work will be particularly cold, you need casters fabricated from nylon or another material that's not vulnerable to cold weather damage.

Similarly, if there are chemicals in the environment that could prove caustic or damaging to the casters, you'll need to be sure that you choose casters made from materials that can withstand damage due to these chemicals. The better prepared you are for any environmental hazards, the longer-lasting your casters will be.

These are a few of the many things that you need to think about when you're investing in casters for your facility. Talk with a leveling caster supplier near you today for more information and to get the casters that are the best fit for your situation.