Here's Why Your Construction Project Needs Concrete Wire Mesh

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Concrete is considered the go-to construction material by many project owners and contractors. The material's popularity arises from its positive qualities, including optimum strength and durability. Moreover, most people find concrete appealing because it's versatile and suitable for use in many applications, including constructing roads, patios, and driveways. If you also consider it the choicest construction material, you'll be glad to learn you can make it better by using construction wire mesh. Keep reading to discover more about concrete construction wire mesh and why it's essential.

Essentials of Concrete Construction Wire Mesh

One of the best ways of reinforcing poured concrete involves using construction wire mesh made from stainless steel. Generally, constructors lay down the wire mesh to form a square grid pattern and then pour the concrete. Most experts also raise the laid-down wire mesh during concrete pouring to ensure it runs along with the concrete's mid-height level. That way, when the concrete is finally poured, it's made stronger by the wire mesh.

Reasons to Use Concrete Construction Wire Mesh

Some of the main reasons to build with concrete construction wire mesh include:

1. Improve strength and cohesion

Concrete's compressive strength is impressively high at 2500 psi- 4000 psi. That means it can withstand compressive loading and is the reason it is used to construct arches, columns, dams, foundations, and tunnel linings. However, this material also has a lower tensile strength and cracks under considerable stress. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by using construction wire mesh to boost the concrete's cohesion and resilience. By doing that, you increase the chances of your structure holding up for longer.

2. Lower thermal cracking risk

Thermal cracking is a real menace when it comes to concrete constructions. Typically, the issue sets in when portions of a particular structure are affected by temperature differences emanating from the air or ground. That causes varying degrees of contraction and expansion in concrete and, eventually, cracking. This problem is significantly worse in construction sites where the concrete is exposed to extremely low or high temperatures. If you plan on constructing in an area prone to extreme temperatures, you can use concrete construction wire mesh to ensure that isn't a problem. It will strengthen your structure enough to resist extensive thermal cracking, even in extremely shifty temperatures.

3. Convenience

Most manufacturers offer ready-to-use construction wire mesh, which is convenient, especially in massive projects. Using such components on your construction improves speeds since it eliminates the need for onsite cutting, placing, and binding. With ready-made construction wire mesh, all you have to do is lay it down, then pour the concrete. Besides, concrete construction wire mesh is easier to install than an alternative like using steel bars and is, therefore, less labor and time-intensive. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for concrete construction wire mesh from suppliers near you.