Choosing Lights For Your Indicator Panels

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For many industrial pieces of equipment or heavily customized vehicles, an indicator light panel can be essential for monitoring the performance of the system. While these panels can provide you with important diagnostic information about the mechanical systems, there are many best practices that you should follow when creating these panels.

Be Thoughtful Of The Color Scheme For The Indicator Lights

If there are multiple indicator lights on your panel, it can be worthwhile to opt for a thoughtful color scheme for these lights. This will make it much easier for a person to quickly assess the status of the device or system as the different colors can help them to understand the problem that has triggered the indicator light. In particular, you will want there to be as much difference between the various colors for the lights as possible. Luckily, indicator light manufacturers and retailers often sell packages that include a wide range of indicator lights so that you will have little difficulty with choosing colors that are very different from each other.

Accurately Label The Panel Where The Lights Are Located

Labeling the lights is another important step when creating an indicator panel. This can be useful to reduce the risk of a person misinterpreting the information that the indicator lights are covey. One option for making it easy to see these labels can be selecting indicator lights that can have messages printed on them. This can be useful for those that are needing larger indicator lights or have short labels that they can use. If you need smaller indicator lights or have longer names for these indicators, it may be better to place a label below or above the lights.

Opt For LED Indicator Lights For Your System

Indicator lights will need power to operate, and it is often necessary to choose a solution that will limit the amount of power that these lights are using as this may strain the equipment or vehicle. Fortunately, LED indicator lights will be able to offer a solution that can balance these needs. These lights will require very small amounts of power, which can allow for indicator panels to utilize a large number of these lights without putting excessive strain on the equipment or vehicle's electrical system. As an added benefit LED lights will have a much longer lifespan, and this can reduce the amount of ongoing maintenance that will be needed to keep the indicator panel working.

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